Happy Camper - Plant Based Meals for Camping

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Tiny Lights Festival,
Ymir, BC. June 7 - 9, 2019

Join me during this inspiring & creative weekend of music, artistic exposure, learning, connecting, & relaxing!

Learn how to make delicious, plant-based, nutritionally-dense meals, all designed for camping. This is a 1-hour, in the kitchen workshop where we will cover meal planning & prep for camping, nutritional teachings: nutrient-density, plant-based eating, macronutrient balance & positive eating habits, AND you will enjoy a live recipe demo with yummy samplings!
Here’s where you can also purchase my HAPPY CAMPER Pocket Book Recipe Collection, with over 25 delicious plant-based recipes for you to experiment with and indulge in all summer long!
Recipe Books are $20ea and will also be available at the Merch Tent! - Copies are limited!!
All ages welcome!

Kids Summer Cooking Camp

JULY 16 - 19, 10AM-1PM

Kootenay Kids, 312 Silica St. Nelson, BC

Kids ages 9-12
Maximum 8 Participants

Total Cost: $135

Come play in the kitchen! This is an action packed 4-day kids camp for up and coming chefs who love to create and learn all about food. Each day will include the preparation of both a snack and lunch, nutrition tips and activities, healthy eating practices, and lots of delicious food! We will be using as many local and organic ingredients as possible with the goal of educating kids about real, whole foods. We will develop kitchen skills while exploring conversations about how what we eat affects how we function. Kids will go home each day with healthy food in their bellies, new skill sets for the kitchen, and recipes to recreate at home.

Plant Based Cooking for Wildflower Kids


Do you have a young culinary enthusiast in your home who would love to learn more skills in the kitchen? During this 3-hour, in-the-kitchen workshop, kids will measure, chop, and follow recipes together to create a delicious, plant based meal. We will talk about the benefits of Plant Based Eating, choosing real, whole food ingredients, and how to convert recipes and read food labels.  Kids will practice measurement, cooking and chopping skills, and go home with several recipes to recreate in your kitchen. Send me your young chefs for an afternoon of food, fun, and creation!

Cost: $40 per child
Only 8 Spots Available
Ages 10+
For inquiries about kids just outside of this age range, please contact me directly

Little Chefs

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Ages 0 - 6 with Parents
Every Thursday during the month of April, 9:30am - 11am.
Kootenay Kids, 312 Silica St. Nelson, BC
Drop in - FREE

If your looking for healthy food, kitchen inspiration and for something fun to do with your little one, JOIN US every or any Thursday morning during the month of April! This series is a fun, playgroup style, class with good food, activities for the kids, nutritional guidance, in-kitchen recipe demos for parents, and take home recipes for you to recreate your own way. Each class will have a different theme and hands-on help to keep the little ones entertained while we make and share food together.
No commitments necessary, just drop in!
Hope to see you there!

Positive Body Talk - 2nd Session

body image photo.jpg

We had so much to talk about and much more material to cover in our first session, that we decided to continue the discussion! (I don't have a date set yet for a 3rd, but it is my intention to run another class early June :) )

Don't worry if you missed the first class, join in at any time, on this powerful, transformative conversation & connect with other women, parents, educators, and come together on a subject that deserves our attention!

If you are a parent/woman/teacher/educator that has concerns about how to raise children with a positive body image and relationship with food,

Body image distortion & dysfunctional eating, both continue to greatly affect our growing children, their self-esteem & decision making, their overall health, and respect for the body. In this 3 hour workshop, we will explore this intricate relationship between developing kids and food & body, how to talk to them about this relationship, and how to recognize signs of struggle. We will discuss dietary habits, the affect of social media and mainstream marketing, self-esteem, and intuitive eating practices. We will explore the role of Mind-Body Nutrition, as well as cover topics such as dieting, toxic dietary beliefs, fear foods, guilt & shame, and language. The goal is to provide parents with practical tools to apply and support positive positive body image & food relationships in our young ones. Workshop will include informational handouts, discussion, in-class exercise, dietary focus, and suggestive homework. Snacks & tea provided.


✔️Increasing awareness of the role body image plays with self-esteem and mental and physical health
✔️Understanding our role as parents
✔️Increased understanding of internal and external influences that help shape one’s body image
✔️Exploration of the correlation between media trends and body concerns
✔️Recognizing signs of low self-esteem, negative body image, and food dysfunction
✔️Providing practical tools to help our kids understand risks, media messaging, social pressures, and seeking support
✔️Supporting one another as parents

Sunday, May 5th, 9am - 12pm
Central School (Wildflower), 811 Stanley St, Nelson BC

Nourish + Nurture

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Building Positive Relationships with Food & Body

4 week course, every Thursday, Jan. 17th – Feb. 7th , 6 – 8pm
@ Manistone Wellness Centre, Nelson BC

 In this 4 Part Workshop Series, we will explore and deepen the relationship with food and body. We will introduce Mind-Body Nutrition exercises and Intuitive Eating Practices as well as cover topics such as fear foods, body image, guilt & shame, chronic dieting, toxic dietary beliefs, and language. There will be offerings of guidance and support throughout each session with in-class work-shopping & exercises, as well as homework assignments to explore.  The goal is to provide practical tools and exercises to bring awareness and healing to past, current, and future issues with food & body, while learning how to integrate positive food relationships into our present lives. Each workshop will include informational handouts, discussion, in-class exercise, dietary focus, and suggestive homework. Snacks & tea also provided.


Feel Good Holiday Treats

Holiday Chocolates.jpg

Private Workshop Offering in Ymir:
Saturday, December 8th, 10am - 12pm
Contact me soon to Register!

Kootenay Coop, Nelson, BC - FULL
Saturday, December 1st, 10am – 12pm
$30 for members/$35 for non-members
Classes fill quickly, call to register: (250) 354-4077

Let the Holiday Madness Begin!!

Hemp Chocolate Bars.jpg

For sweet lovers of all kinds, this workshop introduces a new style of easy, crazy good Christmas goodies! Packed with nutritional benefits, mood enhancers, and blood sugar stabilizers, these treats are designed to make you feel good about your sweet consumption this holiday season. We will discuss the use of beneficial ingredients, how to swap out refined foods with better options, and how to boost your treats with health enhancing super foods. All recipes are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free, and are designed so that you can take them home and replicate them easily, providing healthy goodies for your family and friends throughout the holidays. Gather some friends, bring an appetite, a pen, and some sweet treat enthusiasm!

Interested in hosting a workshop?
Contact me through Facebook
Or Call: (250) 551-1343

Everything Candida

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SATURDAY, APRIL 13TH, 10am - 12pm
CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077

Do you suffer from sugar cravings, headaches, digestive discomfort, skin disorders, brain fog, mood swings, or have trouble losing weight? Candida overgrowth has become a widespread issue in the last decade, contributing to rises in obesity, chronic fatigue, degenerative diseases and autoimmune conditions. Most of us are symptomatic to varying degrees, but no matter the extent to which you suffer, the candida protocol has benefits for everyone! This workshop is all about candida: causes, identification, trouble shooting, dietary recommendations & maintenance. We will cover the entire protocol: food lists, treatment strategies, and specific dietary recommendations including a 7-day meal plan and tons of recipes. Join us for a great info session, live demos & delicious food tastings!

Gut Rehab

tummy trouble pic.jpg

THURSDAY, MAY 2ND, 6pm - 8pm
CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077 EXT. 205

If you have been struggling with digestive discomfort, brain fog, and a depressed immune system, and are looking for clarity on how to properly improve your own unique digestive function, this class is for you! We will cover popular topics like leaky gut syndrome, the gut-brain connection, the GAPS diet, SIBO, and how to find the right healing protocol for your individual needs. We will discuss the differing stages of healing, how to choose the right supplements, and incorporating powerful, real food ingredients to support long-term gut healing. You will receive protocol guidelines, food and supplement lists, as well as recipes to guide you towards total gut rehab. Live demos and delicious food samples included!

Food & The Emotional Connection


Kootenay Coop, Nelson BC
Saturday, November 3rd, 10am – 11:30am
Classes fill quickly, call to register: (250) 354-4077

If you eat, this workshop is for you! Are you curious about the connection between our relationship with food and our emotions? Have you noticed that you have emotional triggers when it comes to making food choices? This workshop is designed to shed light on our emotional and psychological relationship with food and offer insight into common struggles, their potential meaning, and offer supportive practices towards a positive relationship with food. If you are looking to expand your understanding of food and emotion, or you know someone who could use support, come learn and contribute to this interactive gathering and find inspiration to improve and transform your emotional relationship with food.

Classes fill quickly, call to register: (250) 354-4077

Eating For Cancer Prevention


Salmo Valley Community Centre
Thursday, October 18th, 6pm – 8pm
Pre-registration required. $30/person (250) 357-0121

Kootenay Coop, Nelson, BC
Thursday, November 29th, 6pm – 8pm
$30 for members/$35 for non-members
Classes fill quickly, call to register (250) 354-4077

Whether you have had cancer, have lost someone to cancer, or are watching a loved one battle cancer, we have all had cancer in our lives. There is great power in prevention; in the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can do something about it and are capable of being proactive in protecting our families.

This 2-hour workshop will cover key strategies for how to create a diet specifically geared towards preventing the development of cancer. We will have an in-depth look at the role of antioxidants, acid-alkaline balance in the body, water, nutrient intakes, supplements, and immune boosters. You will receive recommended food lists, a shopping guide, a sample meal plan, delicious tastings, AND go home armed with fantastic recipes designed specifically to stop cancel cells in their tracks!

Valentines Desserts

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TO REGISTER CALL: (250) 354-4077

Just in time for Valentines Day, come experience all the sweetness of dessert without the downfalls of sugar overload! In addition to outrageous delicious intensity, real food desserts are made up of whole, unprocessed ingredients, are nutrient dense, and entirely satisfying for the body. Learn how to use specific ingredients and kitchen techniques, trouble shoot allergies, swap out refined ingredients, and discover the wonderful health benefits that are in it for you. We will discuss how to replicate some of your favourite desserts in a healthful way and how to come up with your own unique creations at home to make your Valentines Day extra special. Live demos, amazing recipes, and tasty samplings!

Weeknight Vegan


Kootenay Coop, Nelson BC - FULL
Saturday, October 27th, 10am – 12pm
$30 for members/$35 for non-members

If you are looking to incorporate more vegan styles into your life, but need some weeknight motivation, this class is for you! Join me and gather simple & exciting weeknight meal ideas, receive meal planning tips and guidelines, and of course, go home with an armful of new recipes! Start your Fall season prepared for variety and ease throughout the week; vegan-inspired, and in glowing health!

Classes fill quickly, call to register: (250) 354-4077

Power Foods


Nelson and District Community Complex, Nelson BC
Fitness Forum, October 20th, 2018

In this 1.5hr Nutrition workshop, learn how to use powerful foods to support particular health goals. We will cover specific power foods, their benefits, and how to use them to support an individual’s current diet, challenges, and needs. Learn how to naturally reduce inflammation, support immunity and digestion, and how to use certain foods to safely support a weight-loss program. You will learn what foods are best to increase endurance, strength and muscle building, as well as which foods are most beneficial for the vegan athlete. You will receive food lists, valuable nutrient specifications, shopping and storing tools, and take home recipes.

Registration only available for participants of the 2018 Fitness Forum.

Strong Immune


CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077

Dreading the onset of cold and flu season? Looking for ways to protect you and your family against the grips of month-long coughs and super-bugs? This winter, drastically reduce occurrence, and duration of illness by strengthening the immune system with healing foods, nourishing tonics, homemade teas & bone broth. Learn how to support the body through supplementation and proper use of nutrient boosting superfoods. Receive nutritional guidance and food lists specific to colds and flus and recipes for homemade cough syrup, throat soother, and electrolyte drink. This workshop includes live demos, tasty samplings, and take-home info and recipes to help set you and your family up for an illness-free winter season!

Power Snacks


CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077 EXT. 205

This class is all about snacks designed for lasting energy. Whether you are an athlete, have teenagers, small kids, or hungry family members, suffer from lack of energy and fatigue, or are just jazzed to learn in the kitchen, this one’s for you! We will cover the basics of what makes a well-rounded, nutritional powerhouse of a snack, when and how to consume them for maximum efficiency, and how to create your own.  There will be live demos, tastings, discussion, and recipe sharing.  Come prepared to learn, taste good food, and get inspired to create at home!

Raw Desserts


SVYCC Kitchen – Salmo Recreation Centre
Thursday, May 17th, 6pm-8pm
Pre-Registration Required: (250) 357-0121

I am so excited to introduce a NEW Workshop that is sure to excite you this Spring and drive you into your kitchen for experimentation and taste testing excursions!
Whether you are new to the world of raw dessert making or you have lots of experience, this class will be fun, tasty, and you may even leave a wee bit wired!

Come experience all the sweetness of dessert without the downfalls of sugar overload! In addition to being incredibly delicious, raw desserts are made up of whole, unprocessed ingredients, are nutrient dense, vegan, and entirely satisfying for the body. Learn how to use specific ingredients and kitchen techniques, trouble shoot allergies, swap out refined ingredients, and what health benefits are in it for you. We will discuss how to replicate some of your favourite desserts in a healthful way and how to come up with your own unique creations at home. Live demos, lots of amazing recipes, and tasty samplings!

This class will fill fast! Hold your spot today!

Vegan Cooking Part 1: Breakfast & Lunch

chia pudding bowls.jpg

Want to learn how to make your own nut milk? Cashew yogourt? Looking for some inspiring breakfast & lunch ideas?

For those interested in going vegan or those who would simply like to integrate more vegan meals into their everyday diet, Part 1 of this 2 Part workshop is designed to motivate anyone towards better health. We will cover the basics of vegan cooking, how to choose nutrient-dense ingredients and meal plan. We will address common nutrient deficiencies, how to identify and avoid them, achieving macronutrient balance, and how to increase absorption and digestion on any diet. You will receive an optimal vegan food list and shopping guide to inspire vegan meal planning. We will create easy and inspiring breakfast and lunch recipes that you will take home to integrate into your everyday life.

Come learn, share, and have some fun with me in the kitchen!!

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!

Vegan Cooking Part 2: Dinner & Dessert


Looking to integrate more vegan meals into your everyday life?
Wanting more dinner inspiration?
Craving some healthier versions of your favourite desserts?

In Part 2 of this 2-Part workshop, we will cover the basics of the vegan eating style as well as clarify and distinguish between other trending diets. Part 2 will cover the benefits of eating more vegan meals, ideas for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, will cover vegan superfoods and how to incorporate them, as well as nutrient boosters and whole-food supplements recommended on a vegan diet. You will receive a comprehensive plant-based protein chart, recommendations on plant sources of calcium, as well as cooking charts for grains and beans. Our meal creations will involve simple, everyday main meals and over-the-top amazing raw and vegan desserts. You will take home a good dose of great recipes to integrate into your everyday life and feel good about what you are creating in the kitchen.

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!

Fermentation Basics


SVYCC Kitchen & Lounge – Salmo Recreation Centre

Always wanted to learn how to ferment at home? Wondering about kombucha, kefir, kimchi, or homemade yogourt? Wanting to improve your digestion?

If you’re looking to bring some fermentation practices into your kitchen, but are not sure how to get started, this workshop is for you! The resurgence of the age-old practice of fermentation is greatly due to its incredible affect on health, but also recognized because of its versatility, and distinctive, body-loving taste. In this workshop, we will discuss how fermentation works, why these foods contribute so highly to proper digestive system function, immune strength, and how to incorporate them easily into your regular diet. You will enjoy a variety of fermented foods and drinks, and watch live, hands-on methods you will be able to re-create and experiment with at home.

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!