Food Relationships

I am a huge advocate for helping others develop positive relationships with food. Through individual counselling, workshops, and words of encouragement, I do my very best to show others how to improve and grow in order to feel good about themselves, good about the food they eat & the body they are in.

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The Dose Makes the Poison

In a world inundated with health claims and diet fads, nutritional dos and don’ts, we are drowning in protocols and manuals, online programs and conflicting opinions, confused about what to believe and which path to follow.
Perhaps it is not what we choose to eat or which diet or protocol to follow, but rather, how much we tip the scales one way or the other.


My Secret to Healing from Cancer

We often surprise ourselves when it comes to healing, health, & human growth. Cancer has been one of my biggest teachers in this life, not because I learned how to live a healthier life, but because I’ve learned how to live a better life. There is so much more to the healing process than food, nutrition, & toxicity levels: it is about an all encompassing approach to everything.

Cleanse Your Own Way

As with all health practices, cleansing must receive respect and care in the same way as any other diet or lifestyle shift. Cleansing is not for everyone and not any one cleanse can meet the needs of every person. Make your cleansing choices with care, for the right reasons, and with the support and intent to succeed!



Moving away from excess sugar into the New Year is a great place to start on your path to better health. We know we will feel better, work better, function better, without it. But HOW do we take it out? HOW do we move towards letting go of sugar in a successful, nurturing way?


replacing new year’s resolutions with real goals

This New Year, set realistic, doable goals rather than getting lost in hard to sustain resolutions. Realistic goal setting is not about reaching the highest point, nor is it a race to see who can get the healthiest, the quickest.  It involves honestly thinking about something you could actually do; are willing to do; and want to do.


Eat Cake: Indulge With Intention

You can be strong in your conviction to eat well, be well, feel well, and still receive all the benefits of indulgence, my friend. Allowing good quality treats as part of your regular dietary regime is not only justifiable, but arguably necessary. No kidding.
It can be done.
With Integrity.


Preventing Eating Disorder Development in your kids

It has taken me decades to find my voice in and around Eating Disorders. It wasn’t until I decided to cast light on my own struggles, talk openly about them and find strength in them, that I became truly able to honour my journey and begin to lend a hand to others. That’s the way life works, I guess.


Making Peace With Food

We live in a diet world.
Inundated daily with information instructing us what to eat, what not to eat, how to have a better body, flatter abs, be a certain size. We have been assaulted by diet lingo now for decades.

It’s time for a change.


raising intuitive eaters

Most of us were raised to believe that certain foods were “bad” while others were “good” and that how we behaved would dictate what we got to eat that day. The problem with this way of raising eaters, is that it teaches children to detach from food; to put food into “good” and “bad” categories; igniting feelings of insecurity, lack of control, guilt, and shame when it comes to food

Eat To Feel Good. Feel Good About Eating.