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raising intuitive eaters

Most of us were raised to believe that certain foods were “bad” while others were “good” and that how we behaved would dictate what we got to eat that day. The problem with this way of raising eaters, is that it teaches children to detach from food; to put food into “good” and “bad” categories; igniting feelings of insecurity, lack of control, guilt, and shame when it comes to food


why rewarding kids with sugar is so detrimental

We’ve all done it. It’s just too easy:
“be good in the store and I’ll get you a lolly”.
The thing is: it generally works! And you can’t say that about all parental tactics, that’s for sure. But this particular tactic has extremely detrimental effects on our kids’ relationships with food


no more food fights: Your kids, school & blood sugar

Children are much more volatile than adults when it comes to food. They react more to irritants, they often show signs of deficiencies and intolerances that adults don’t generally have, and they are much more affected by fluctuating glucose (blood sugar) levels.

Eat to Feel Good. Feel Good About Eating.