Nutrition Workshops & Cooking Classes

I do my very best to offer local classes & workshops that fall in line with the change in seasons, demands & interest, and with what I am learning or feeling passionate about. If you are interested in attending a class or workshop that is not currently being offered, or you have a topic idea that you would love to see me cover, please feel free to reach out to me, I would love to hear from you!

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Thursday, October 17th, 6pm - 8pm
In Partnership with Kootenay Co-op
Call to Register: (250) 354-4077 ext. 205

If you have been struggling with digestive discomfort, brain fog, and a depressed immune system, and are looking for clarity on how to properly improve your own unique digestive function, this class is for you! We will cover popular topics like leaky gut syndrome, the gut-brain connection, the GAPS diet, SIBO, and how to find the right healing protocol for your individual needs. Live demos and delicious food samples included!

Plant Based Cooking for Kids

Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 10am - 12pm
In Partnership with Kootenay Co-op
Call to Register: (250) 354-4077 ext. 205
For kids ages 10+

Do you have a young culinary enthusiast in your home who would love to learn more skills in the kitchen? During this 2-hour, in-the-kitchen workshop, kids will measure, chop, and follow recipes together to create a delicious, plant based meal. We will talk about the benefits of Plant Based Eating, choosing real, whole food ingredients, and how to convert recipes and read food labels.

Kids Summer Cooking Camp

July 16 - 19, 10am - 1pm
Kootenay Kids Kitchen, 312 Silica St. Nelson, BC
Kids ages 9-12

An action packed 4-day kids camp for up and coming chefs who love to create and learn all about food. Each day will include the preparation of both a snack and lunch, nutrition tips and activities, healthy eating practices, and lots of delicious food! Kids will go home each day with healthy food in their bellies, new skill sets for the kitchen, and recipes to recreate at home.
Only 8 spaces available! Register soon!


Tiny Lights Festival,
Ymir, BC. June 7 - 9, 2019

Learn how to make delicious, plant-based, nutritionally-dense meals, all designed for camping. We will cover meal planning & prep, nutritional teachings, AND enjoy a live demo with tastings! All ages welcome!

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quick meals & meal planning

Wednesday, October 23rd, 6pm - 8pm
In Partnership with Kootenay Co-op
Call to Register: (250) 354-4077 ext. 205

Struggling with what to make for dinner? Need some help with meal planning, coming up with fresh meal ideas, and minimizing the kitchen demand throughout the week? Join in on a class designed to give you the tools to manage your weeks with less stress and time in the kitchen, and more meal variety & enthusiasm.

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Power to Heal: Healthy Family Workshop Series

4 Friday Mornings in May (3,10, 17, 24)
10am - 12, Kootenay Kids, Nelson, BC
Free: Please Pre-Register
@ (250) 352-6678

Do you wish you had the power to heal your family? Learn how during this hands on healing series covering 4 aspects of health: mind, heart, body, & spirit.
Join myself and Jen Gawne, Chinese Medicine Herbalist to discuss various aspects of health & how to make the right food choices to prevent and treat illness and disease.
Join this weekly gathering to connect, discuss, learn and eat nourishing food together!
Classes are FREE & include child care for children under 6 years old.


July 25 & 26, 10am - 3pm
Kootenay Kids Kitchen, 312 Silica St. Nelson,BC

Ages 13+

Do you have a teen that’s ready for a next level culinary experience?
This is a 2-day intensive for teens ages 13+ who are keen to spend some time in the kitchen learning about real food, nutrition, plant-based style alternatives, vegan options, and experience some hands-on hours chopping, tossing, cooking, baking, and creating!
Only 6 spaces available! Register Soon!

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