Positive Body Talk - 2nd Session

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We had so much to talk about and much more material to cover in our first session, that we decided to continue the discussion! (I don't have a date set yet for a 3rd, but it is my intention to run another class early June :) )

Don't worry if you missed the first class, join in at any time, on this powerful, transformative conversation & connect with other women, parents, educators, and come together on a subject that deserves our attention!

If you are a parent/woman/teacher/educator that has concerns about how to raise children with a positive body image and relationship with food,

Body image distortion & dysfunctional eating, both continue to greatly affect our growing children, their self-esteem & decision making, their overall health, and respect for the body. In this 3 hour workshop, we will explore this intricate relationship between developing kids and food & body, how to talk to them about this relationship, and how to recognize signs of struggle. We will discuss dietary habits, the affect of social media and mainstream marketing, self-esteem, and intuitive eating practices. We will explore the role of Mind-Body Nutrition, as well as cover topics such as dieting, toxic dietary beliefs, fear foods, guilt & shame, and language. The goal is to provide parents with practical tools to apply and support positive positive body image & food relationships in our young ones. Workshop will include informational handouts, discussion, in-class exercise, dietary focus, and suggestive homework. Snacks & tea provided.


✔️Increasing awareness of the role body image plays with self-esteem and mental and physical health
✔️Understanding our role as parents
✔️Increased understanding of internal and external influences that help shape one’s body image
✔️Exploration of the correlation between media trends and body concerns
✔️Recognizing signs of low self-esteem, negative body image, and food dysfunction
✔️Providing practical tools to help our kids understand risks, media messaging, social pressures, and seeking support
✔️Supporting one another as parents

Sunday, May 5th, 9am - 12pm
Central School (Wildflower), 811 Stanley St, Nelson BC