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Everything Candida

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SATURDAY, APRIL 13TH, 10am - 12pm
CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077

Do you suffer from sugar cravings, headaches, digestive discomfort, skin disorders, brain fog, mood swings, or have trouble losing weight? Candida overgrowth has become a widespread issue in the last decade, contributing to rises in obesity, chronic fatigue, degenerative diseases and autoimmune conditions. Most of us are symptomatic to varying degrees, but no matter the extent to which you suffer, the candida protocol has benefits for everyone! This workshop is all about candida: causes, identification, trouble shooting, dietary recommendations & maintenance. We will cover the entire protocol: food lists, treatment strategies, and specific dietary recommendations including a 7-day meal plan and tons of recipes. Join us for a great info session, live demos & delicious food tastings!

Gut Rehab

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THURSDAY, MAY 2ND, 6pm - 8pm
CALL TO REGISTER: (250) 354-4077 EXT. 205

If you have been struggling with digestive discomfort, brain fog, and a depressed immune system, and are looking for clarity on how to properly improve your own unique digestive function, this class is for you! We will cover popular topics like leaky gut syndrome, the gut-brain connection, the GAPS diet, SIBO, and how to find the right healing protocol for your individual needs. We will discuss the differing stages of healing, how to choose the right supplements, and incorporating powerful, real food ingredients to support long-term gut healing. You will receive protocol guidelines, food and supplement lists, as well as recipes to guide you towards total gut rehab. Live demos and delicious food samples included!