Nutrition Tips

My philosophy around Nutrition is based heavily in placing priority on nutrient quality & density, choosing real, whole foods, and relying primarily on plants to nourish the entire being: in mind, body, & spirit.

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Late Night Snacks You (& Your Body) Can Feel Good About

Although eating past the dinner hour isn’t ideal, real life can get in the way, and for some, eating later in the evening is just their reality! As with everything food related, there are better and worst choices that can be made in the hours past dinner and what you put in your body at that time can greatly affect your sleep, your digestion, your immune function, and how good you feel when you awake the next morning!


mellow out those pesky hormones

You may not believe this
make me kind of…
I know, it’s very shocking, but true. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone on this one.


feeling stuck on breakfast inspiration?

Breakfast can be a tough one for many bleary-eyed, sleepy headed, non-morning people. Between waking up the littles, rushing to find clothing, pack lunches, wash, brush, and warm up the car, putting effort into a balanced and delicious breakfast has just lost its priority.
Revamp your morning style with some of my favourite breakfasts!


love thy liver

Why Cleanse the Liver?
The liver is pretty much the big kahuna of the bodily organs; it has several vital roles to play and is responsible for much of our overall health. All of the blood leaving the stomach and intestines must pass through the liver. The liver must process this blood, break it down, balance its pH, and distribute it, creating the proper nutrients for the body to use.

Eat to Feel Good. Feel Good About Eating.