Vegan Cooking Part 2: Dinner & Dessert


Looking to integrate more vegan meals into your everyday life?
Wanting more dinner inspiration?
Craving some healthier versions of your favourite desserts?

In Part 2 of this 2-Part workshop, we will cover the basics of the vegan eating style as well as clarify and distinguish between other trending diets. Part 2 will cover the benefits of eating more vegan meals, ideas for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, will cover vegan superfoods and how to incorporate them, as well as nutrient boosters and whole-food supplements recommended on a vegan diet. You will receive a comprehensive plant-based protein chart, recommendations on plant sources of calcium, as well as cooking charts for grains and beans. Our meal creations will involve simple, everyday main meals and over-the-top amazing raw and vegan desserts. You will take home a good dose of great recipes to integrate into your everyday life and feel good about what you are creating in the kitchen.

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!