Fermentation Basics


SVYCC Kitchen & Lounge – Salmo Recreation Centre

Always wanted to learn how to ferment at home? Wondering about kombucha, kefir, kimchi, or homemade yogourt? Wanting to improve your digestion?

If you’re looking to bring some fermentation practices into your kitchen, but are not sure how to get started, this workshop is for you! The resurgence of the age-old practice of fermentation is greatly due to its incredible affect on health, but also recognized because of its versatility, and distinctive, body-loving taste. In this workshop, we will discuss how fermentation works, why these foods contribute so highly to proper digestive system function, immune strength, and how to incorporate them easily into your regular diet. You will enjoy a variety of fermented foods and drinks, and watch live, hands-on methods you will be able to re-create and experiment with at home.

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!