Vegan Cooking Part 1: Breakfast & Lunch

chia pudding bowls.jpg

Want to learn how to make your own nut milk? Cashew yogourt? Looking for some inspiring breakfast & lunch ideas?

For those interested in going vegan or those who would simply like to integrate more vegan meals into their everyday diet, Part 1 of this 2 Part workshop is designed to motivate anyone towards better health. We will cover the basics of vegan cooking, how to choose nutrient-dense ingredients and meal plan. We will address common nutrient deficiencies, how to identify and avoid them, achieving macronutrient balance, and how to increase absorption and digestion on any diet. You will receive an optimal vegan food list and shopping guide to inspire vegan meal planning. We will create easy and inspiring breakfast and lunch recipes that you will take home to integrate into your everyday life.

Come learn, share, and have some fun with me in the kitchen!!

No upcoming dates currently available.
Stay tuned for another run of this workshop or contact me directly to offer one in your community or at your home!