Weekday Madness & The 5 Night Dinner Rescue


If the idea of resuming the Fall Schedule makes you squeamish and a bit short of breath, you are not in this rat race alone, my friend! If you juggle kids and family activities, have a job (part-time, full-time, any-time), and are also a full-time chef, maid, laundress, and gardner, you are plenty aware of how a busy schedule can swallow your, hoping-you-remembered-your-pants, little buns right up!

I’m here to help.

A Full Week of Amazing (& Easy) Weekday Dinners

When I am meal planning for clients, I always keep in mind their financial wiggle room as well as their kitchen capability level. No joke. I’m not going to go ahead and throw a 3-part meal menu, with those extra sneaky recipes built-in there (like homemade tomato sauce and pesto), at them on a night they are exhausted from a crazy day and hardly have the brains left to follow a traffic sign, come on now! I like to make it easy for people to whip up really tasty and satisfying meals without ripping their hair out and calling me names. Right?!

So, let’s make this easy.

Here are 5 main meals that most tired humans can make with little complaining and roughly 30minutes on the clock (no, this isn’t a cooking show, but I’ll brain storm on that one  ). The one important step here that you cannot overlook is the shopping. Either split your shop into 2 quick trips or do a thorough shop on the Sunday beforehand and make sure your fridge is not a disaster zone. Got it?

The 5 Night Weekday Dinner Rescue

Day 1


Simplicity & deliciousness. You may serve this bowl up however you like: sub in rice, use roasted squash, steam some green beans, or add tofu. However you choose, this fantastical sauce will make it all work!

Day 2


I am a super soup lover and not only do I love Pinch of Yum, but I love the idea of versatility with this soup: use up some leftover veggies, add some coconut milk and spices, and voila! Yum dinner done!

Day 3


Most families like a wrap style dinner that they can hold in their hands and this one’s super easy, packed with veggies, protein powered quinoa & black beans, and extra delish with some homemade guacamole!

Day 4


This simple, one-pot stew, is SOOOO satisfying to the soul. It is both hearty and gentle, and fulfilling to the body’s need to be nourished and nurtured. Make this on a rainy day, a day you feel the need to ground out, or on a day you crave some comfort. Tis simply delish!

Day 5

Super Simple Vegan Burrito Bowl (20 Minute Recipe!)

Most people are pretty happy with a Mexican themed weeknight dish, particularly when you can choose your own toppings, throw it in a bowl, and mix it all up into a tasty sensation!

Here’s to a great start to the school year, the back-to-work-grind, or to any which way you spend your Fall days!
Eat well. Be well. Feel awesome