5 Awesome (& Easy) Weekday Meals


I usually stay away from this style of Blog just simply because there are plenty of other blogs out there posting about “fast and easy weekday meals”.  However, I’ve been finding myself in the throws of some weekday kitchen blahs and thought that it may be the same for a lot of other people out there working the grind, trying to keep our chins up until the summer hits.  Also, the way I make weekday meals tends to be a teensy bit different than your average dinner maker: often vegan, dairy/gluten-free, heavy on the veg, and with nutritional quality as top priority, AND I’ve got an online collection that would impress the boots off of just about anyone.  So I thought that by dropping you some links to a few of my favs, you might find yourself getting a little excited and jazzed about rolling up your sleeves, slipping away from your standard fall-back meals, and digging deep to find some enthusiasm about the last legs of the Monday to Friday schedule.

So here you are: do what works best for you and use these recipes just as ideas, try just one, pass them along, modify them, or make them all in a week like the superstar that you are!!

Day 1

This is a curry noodle bowl that’s really easy to pull off and, providing you’ve got the sauce ingredients handy, you can add whatever you like – although I do recommend sticking with the broccoli, because it just works. Note: I am starting with this one because I really really truly love it the most!

Day 2

There are soooo many Macaroni and “Cheeze” recipes out there, it’s tough to know which one to go with. Here is one of my family’s favourites, the flavour is just so bang on, it’s rich and creamy, and totally delish!

The BEST Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

Day 3

You may already have a “go-to” veggie burger recipe and that’s awesome, but maybe you’re ready for a little something different? I have many veggie burger recipes that I rotate, depending on what I have on hand, the time of year, and my mood. Here’s one that’s just a little different than most, super tasty, and easy to modify in order to make it gluten-free – I sub in brown rice flour and oats for the breadcrumbs, but you can use whatever you have.

Day 4

If you aren’t already familiar with the “macro-bowl”, allow me to enlighten you: a mish mash bowl of fresh and cooked veggies, a grain, a protein, and a delicious sauce. Voila! Here’s one that I like to play with, especially after I’ve been to the market and have a fridge full of fresh greens, garden carrots, cucumber, or whatever else has caught my eye. Marinating the cabbage is a lovely sour addition to this super-health-charged bowl. I use short grain brown rice that has been soaked and rinsed to ease digestion and improve nutrient absorption and sometimes omit the beans and either maximize the veggies or add in some chicken. Enjoy.

Day 5

Here’s a little twist on our beloved rice wraps/spring rolls/thai pockets (I just made that up, but I’m liking it) or whatever you like to call them. Again, these little beauties are super easy to make with whatever you’ve got: replace the quinoa with rice or rice noodles or omit, add some chicken, prawns, or tofu, and chop up a heap of colourful veggies and wrap away. I highly recommend using some fresh herbs in your creation, they throw these wraps right into the wow department.

Hopefully you find here something that catches your eye, makes your mouth salivate, and your tummy ask you to switch it up! Have fun, make these recipes your own, and feed your little soul!

Please let me know if you try something and love it (or hate it), I’d love to know what you think!