My Story

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My Journey with Food

When I was young, I loved being in the kitchen, food was yummy and fun: it meant freedom and security. As a pre-teen, the art of cooking evolved into an impassioned skill, as I gained a job with a catering company and went on to cook and serve food for many years.

As a teenager, my relationship with food morphed into something different. I spent a decade as a competitive gymnast, but when the time came to quit, the drastic drop in exercise along with puberty, catty change-rooms, and gossipy high-school hallways had their way with my once loving, and rather normal, relationship with food.

From my teens well into my twenties, my food journey became my largest struggle. I found myself in the throes of binging and purging, starving, dieting, over-exercising, and popping pills. You name it, I did it.  I was at complete loss and the loneliness was unbearable.

I needed help and had no clue where to find it.  Psychologists, anti-depressants, dieticians, friendships, nothing was really getting through.

I wish I could remember the exact moment the lights came on, but I don’t. I just know that at some point in my mid-twenties, I came to the realization that my health was suffering, that there was more to me than an eating disorder, and more to this life than struggle. Determined to find a way to bring back my love of food and turn my journey into something positive, I aligned myself to a new path and began to look to the health world for guidance.

And then…


At 32, I was a young wife and mother, and well on my way to recovering health when doctors found a cancerous tumor in my colon. It was surgically removed and I was advised to endure several rounds of chemo.

At this time in my food journey though, I knew there were other options.

It was time to listen to my gut. I knew I had not escaped my past unscathed and that Cancer, for me, was not about loss but about opportunity.

Opting out of chemo, I set out to up my health game. I went back to school, turned to exercise for therapy, and opened up my spirit to life’s teachings.

What I found was that I had a calling: to help others find their own positive food journey and to be the help I didn’t have when I was younger.


Finding my Way

Since my cancer diagnosis, it has been non-stop learning.

I have spent years in school becoming a nutritional enthusiast, a kitchen muse, and a food and body advocate, receiving certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Culinary Nutrition, and Eating Psychology. My kitchen is now a joyful and creative space. I have learned how to listen to my body, reuniting it with athleticism, dance, and the magical outdoors. My amazing husband and charismatic young son keep me motivated and inspired (and never seem to mind being my taste testers!).

We live in a tiny little mountain town called Ymir, nestled in the Kootenays, in British Columbia, Canada, where the people are loving and quirky, the water is clean, the mountains fill my lungs and soul, and active living is just our way of life.

AND I have been cancer free now going on 9 years! Horns honking, fireworks, woop woop, hip hip…you know the drill! Yay Me!!

My life’s story with food has taught me to embrace every moment with gratitude and compassion, to listen to life’s teachings, and that believing in oneself is half the battle.
I hope to pass this along.

So if you’ve made it this far, thank you for being here, and I hope we can connect soon!