Teen Culinary Intensive

Teen girls donuts.jpg

Thursday & Friday, July 25th & 26th, 10am - 3pm
Kootenay Kids Kitchen, 312 Silica St. Nelson BC

Do you have a teen that’s ready for a next level culinary experience?
Would you love for your teen to learn some awesome plant-based meal skills to set them up for years of whole foods eating & kitchen creating?
This is a 2-day intensive for teens ages 13+ who are keen to spend some time in the kitchen learning about real food, nutrition, plant-based style alternatives, vegan options, and experience some hands-on hours chopping, tossing, cooking, baking, and creating! Prepare your teens to go home armed with piles of high quality recipes, inspiration to create their own meal combinations & recipes, and with some higher level kitchen skills that may help them find culinary work in the future.
Let’s make some amazing food together!
Only 6 spots available!
Note: Class must be full in order to run.
Total Cost: $135, INCLUDES: Recipe Books, Meals & Snacks Each Day + Take Home Extras 😋