Healing Powers Of Dance for Women

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My Dear Women Warriors,

It is no mystery why humans have used dance for centuries as a form of connection and release. The rhythmic beat of music mimics our heart, the essence of our being, and the simple tapping of one’s foot is as innate as our own heartbeat. The fluid movement of dance naturally evokes emotion, inviting us to let go, to feel, to mourn, to wish, to shine. Why, then, are we not all incorporating dance into our every day lives?

Free your inner goddess

In my experience, most women endure the weight and struggle of an everyday grind. We work, clean, cook, drive, organize, and tolerate the high demands of life and children. We spin in our minds, whine to our friends, nag our husbands, and cry secretly to ourselves when we’ve just about had enough. Women are in great need of release; we need to let it flow and allow ourselves to feel connected to earth and life and to one other.

Dancing is not only good for the female soul, it’s good for overall health. To help convince you, here’s some health benefits of getting your groove on:

5 reasons to shake that bootie

  1. Reduce stress: Dance takes us away from our everyday stresses. Focusing on movement and coordination clears our minds. Increasing heart rate increases blood flow and oxygenates our blood and cells, reducing hypertension and shifting the nervous system into parasympathetic dominance, where we feel relaxed.

  2. Boost metabolism: Movement boosts metabolism, period. Any activity from walking to intense training will keep the fire burning within.

  3. Get into your body: Dance allows us to connect with our entire self, embodying our limbs, our feet, our hips, our necks, our spines. Connecting with the body forces us into a state of presence. And that’s a good thing.

  4. Nurture your feminine: Our feminine selves often get lost in the chaos. Feeling feminine enables us to remember our beauty, our power, and our strength as females.

  5. Express emotion: so often, we repress emotions, setting them aside for later, or locking them up to never be seen again. Allowing emotions to flow is good for our health, it regulates our heartbeat, releasing stress and anxiety. Dance can entice us to free caged emotions and release them through physical movement.

Be Free. Just Dance.