Always Run Anyways

runner on mountain top.jpg

Last week I was having a messaging chat with a lovely old friend, who, like so many of us, is feeling a little lost in life. Amongst her little letter of expression, there were woes of life, frustration with change, feelings of longing and missing, and a little unnecessary excuse for why she didn’t head out for her run that morning.

So I wrote her some words of advice. I sent her some positive energy.  And then I sent this:

One more thing: ALWAYS RUN ANYWAYS!

Here’s the thing: it is never a regret. You will never hear a runner say: “oh geez, I really wish I hadn’t gone for my morning run, it just ruined my day”. Nope, never.

My advice to my girlfriend is the same as my advice to you. ALWAYS go for that run (or walk or bike ride or ski or skip, whatever you fancy) because you will ALWAYS be thankful that you did. In fact, tell your house mate or hubby or child or friend that when they find you hesitating and gazing out the window in a fog of contemplation over whether it’s too hot, cold, wet, or snowy, to remind you that you will not be regretful.  You will not complain later.  And you may just make your own day a little bit better. Stop thinking – just go.