Staying Active On Holiday

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Still aglow with sun soaked skin and leftover energy from an amazing holiday, I am excited to share some tips that keep me on track, active, and feeling good, while I’m away from my life and out of my regular fitness routine.

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to make things happen and encourage follow through (if you’ve met me, you likely know that I am a total planner!). I like to have a vision in my head of how it’s all going to go down first, and after that, it’s easy street.

Planning Ahead

  • Make Sure You Have Options: Choose a vacation spot with lots of options for exercise (or at least a few). I look for this when we are browsing places to go. Are there running trails? Is there a fitness centre or yoga studio close by? Is there room in the accommodation for a workout/yoga area? Is there wifi?

  • Look For Local Classes: The internet makes it incredibly easy to find classes nowadays. Check out nearby studios, find a class that works for you, and see if they have a punch pass or drop in option. Do this beforeyou travel so that you know where you’re headed and can stay committed to getting there.

  • Join An Online Program: If working out at home is something that works for you, find a program to stick to while you are away and either download it ahead of time or stream it while you are there. If you are away for a week, you may want to find a full week program.  Or simply alternate your at home workouts with runs/hikes/walks.

  • Pack Your Gear: Prioritize your workout gear, making sure you have room in your suitcase and can stay within the weight restrictions for your flight. Keep it simple: runners are a must, ipod and headphones are helpful, yoga mat optional, and if you have access to laundry, you will likely only need one outfit. And done.

My Go-To Workouts While I am Away

  • Running: You may know by now that I am a die hard runner. I absolutely LOVE running in new places, especially if there are decent trails, some hills, and a sweet view. The greatest thing about running is that it requires very little planning, money, or equipment. Just strap on your favourite kicks and hit the road. Running Tip: If you don’t have a device that tracks your distance, just make a 30-45 minute play list and go until the music runs out.

  • Fitness/Yoga Class: I really enjoy seeking out local classes for several reasons: it facilitates meeting new people, it challenges the body physically to do different styles of exercise, and I always end up finding something new to tie into my routine at home. During my most recent holiday, I took a Kick & Flow class 2x/week and it was so challenging and different from any other class I’ve done that I was loving every minute of it (even though I was pretty sore). Check out the lovely Kauai studio here.

  • Hiking: What I love most about hiking is that it is something the whole family can do, it is often widely accessible, and you get to control how much of a workout you get. Our family likes to go on a few hikes every trip we take and we never regret the adventure (plus it makes for awesome pictures!). If I am jonesing for a sweat, I’ll push on ahead for a bit and lap back a few times.

  • Swimming: If you are headed to the tropics somewhere (which I’m sure you are if you’re Canadian hehe), most of the time you will have access to a pool or the ocean or both. Take advantage and go for some long swims, do some snorkelling, or just hit some laps in the pool. If it’s not something you do regularly at home, even better! Swimming is easy on the joints, good cardio, and a solid total body workout. Aim for at least 20 minutes of continuous strokes to get your heart rate up.

  • Yoga Glo: I’ve been a member with this online yoga site for a few years and love it! There are tons of classes, many styles to choose from, and some super talented instructors. Hop on at any time, choose the style, the duration, the intensity, and the level. It’s perfect to have on hand during a holiday or even at home. I’ve turned many friends and clients onto this site over the years and its been a hit every time. Check it out.

You are on holiday, so give yourself permission to ease up on your usual intensity and drop down deep into relaxation. Let’s face it, this truly is the most important thing about going on a holiday: to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. So stay active, but keep your priorities in check.


Happy travels!