Feeding Healthy Kids Online - BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!

If you've been struggling to get your kids to eat all the right stuff in a positive way, but have been a bit stuck on how, I have got you covered! This PLANT BASED, info-packed course is designed for parents who really want to optimize the health of their children, find inspiration in the kitchen, and revamp their kids' diet & habits around food. We will cover all the goods on creating nutrient dense meals & snacks while aiming to keep kids energized, focused, and maintain balanced mood, so that we can be the awesome parents we want to be!!

This Course will cover:

✔️ Balancing Blood Sugars

✔️ Macronutrient Balance

✔️ Hydration

✔️ All the Goods on Sugar & Food Additives

✔️ Supporting Good Habits & Behaviours

✔️ Intuitive Eating Practices

✔️ Meal & Snack Ideas

✔️ Lunch Packing Tips

✔️ 30+ Plant-Based, Kid Approved Recipes

✔️ 6 Recipe Demo Videos

✔️ Printable Resources: Macronutrient List, Glycemic Index Chart, Plant-Based Proteins, Plant-Based Sources of Calcium, Worksheets for Every Lesson

DON’T MISS OUT! This is a great opportunity to improve the dynamics around food & mealtime in your home, as well as create a foundation of positive eating practices for your kids that will last their entire lives! Balanced Nutrition is a powerful and simple tool that can change problematic behaviours, sleep patterns, mental clarity & focus, as well as prevent long term health problems!

to make change happen, we must make change happen!

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Rebuilding Relationships With Food & Body…Now ONLINE

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