Rebuilding Relationships with Food & Body

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It’s simple: I want to help you reunite with food in a way that makes you feel great, inspires better health, and nurtures your soul.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, an Eating Psychology Counsellor and a graduate of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program. I am a wife and mother, an avid cook, a cancer survivor, a distance runner, and a bit of a country bumkin. As a teen, I struggled severely with disordered eating and have spent many years recovering. A cancer diagnosis further spurred a deep desire for long-term wellness.

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As a RHN, my approach to health intertwines what I know and love about nutrition with eating psychology, body image healing, and culinary passion.

Teaching about nutrition is simply not enough: true nourishment is both highly individualized and all encompassing in mind, body, and spirit. In order to be heard and healed in a way that is sustainable long-term, we must consider the person, and all aspects of their life, as a whole.

What we eat is only half of the story. 
Who we are as human beings is the other half.

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When it comes to one-on-one consulting, I am committed to recognizing and honouring the importance of mind-body connection and emotional intuition when it comes to thriving health. My style is wholehearted, all encompassing, and highly individualized, integrating specialized dietary changes with emotional healing, specific menu planning, grocery shopping, and recipe collecting.  It is my mission to help clients make realistic and sustainable changes to lifestyle, habits AND diet, while making it fun, attainable and pretty darn exciting.

When I work with a client, I aim to work at their pace and within the specific boundaries and parameters their life allows.  The goal is lifelong change!

Areas of specialty include (but are not limited to):
Body Image and Weight Challenges
Eating Disorder Recovery
Emotional Eating
Child Nutrition
Autoimmune Conditions
Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
Hormone and Mood Imbalances
Cancer Support

Looking for Eating Disorder Recovery Support?
I am now EDIT Certified and am looking forward to incorporating these new tools into my practice!

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Eat to Feel Good. Feel Good About Eating.