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Inspiring you towards better health

My workshops combine hands-on cooking with nutritional knowledge. Each workshop is carefully designed to ignite culinary passion and inspire movement towards thriving health.  I aim to keep the recipes do-able for busy people, affordable, easy, and of course, super tasty!  You will leave the workshops with practices to stimulate small but lasting changes, scrumptious recipes, and a healthy craving to get in the kitchen.

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Power Snacks – New Workshop!

SVYCC Kitchen & Lounge, Salmo, BC

October 28th, 2017 9:30-11:30am, $30 per person

This is a 2-hour, in the kitchen, workshop that’s all about snacks built for lasting energy! Whether you are an athlete, have teenagers, small kids, or hungry family members, suffer from lack of energy and fatigue, or are just jazzed to learn in the kitchen, this one’s for you! We will cover the basics of what makes a well-rounded, nutritional powerhouse of a snack, when and how to consume them for maximum efficiency, and how to create your own. Your investment includes live demos, delicious tastings, discussion, AND take home recipes. Please come prepared to be in the kitchen, taste good food, and leave inspired to create at home!

Spots are Limited

Call to Register at (250) 357-0121

Reconnect with your Body –
Restore your Relationship with Food

In this 3 part workshop series you will learn mindfulness and yogic techiniques to help reunite you with your innate self and support you in a healthy realationship with food and your body. We will deepen the understanding of what it means to heal your relationship with your body AND develop a positive relationship with food, while addressing issues such as body shaming and self destructive habits. Each workshop will include yoga and yogic teachings, a hands on food demonstration, nutritional guidance and eating psychology techniques, take home nutritional info and recipes, AND a satisfying and delicious meal!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to claim back your power, feel good about food, and feel good about your body!!

Come work with Certified Yoga Teacher Drea Phoenix and Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Counselor Cindy Spratt to Cleanse, Deepen and Restore your relationship with Food & Body.

Part 1: CLEANSE – Oct. 29th (10am-2pm)
Part 2: DEEPEN – Nov. 26th (10am-2pm)
Part 3: RESTORE – Dec. 10th (10am-2pm)

Your investment: $225 for all 3 workshops (Early bird special of $199 if you register before October 15th) or $85 for 1 workshop. Includes food, recipes, all materials, take home bonus and a 4 hour hands on workshop with qualified professionals.
Transform your relationship with your body & food today!! To register: e-transfer or

Kids Cooking Camp

Wed, July 19th – Friday, July 21st, 10:00am – 1:00pm
Salmo Community Centre
Kids ages 9-12
Total Cost: $100
Maximum 8 Participants

Come play in the kitchen! This is an action packed 3-day kids camp for up and coming little chefs who love to create and learn all about food. Each day will involve the preparation of a snack, nutrition tips and activities, the preparation of lunch, and of course eating! We will be using as many local and organic ingredients as possible with the goal of educating kids about real, whole foods. Kids will go home each day with healthy food in their bellies, new skill sets for the kitchen, and the recipes to recreate at home. Only 8 spots available! Pre-registration required at (250) 357-0121.

Note: Please let us know about any food allergies upon registration

Intro To Fermentation

Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir, BC

Sunday, June 11th, 10am, at “The Church”

Hearing a lot about fermentation lately?  Looking to bring some fermented goodness into your kitchen? This is a workshop for you! A win-win situation, the health benefits of cultured foods extend far past the joys of dancing tastebuds. We will discuss how fermentation works, why these foods contribute so highly to a healthy digestive system and immunity, and how to incorporate them easily into your regular diet. You will get to enjoy a variety of fermented foods and drinks, and watch live, hands-on methods you will be able to re-create and experiment with at home.

Free with Festival Admission

Retrain Your Metabolism

SVYCC Kitchen & Lounge, Salmo, BC

May 20th, 2017 9:30-11:00am, $25 per person

You have the power to change your metabolism! Learn how in this information packed 1.5hr real food workshop. You will learn some simple tools to help re-wire how the body processes the food you eat and how to noticeably change metabolic processes through particular food choices and lifestyle changes.  Topics covered include: balancing blood sugar, common misconceptions, increasing digestion, and strengthening immunity.  We will discuss metabolism boosters and drainers, habitual improvements, and foods specific for optimizing metabolism.  Get inspired to make lasting changes designed to increase energy, improve mood and hormone balance, and leave you feeling really good!  Workshop includes handouts, a live recipe demo, several tastings, recipes, and a 3-day Metabolism Re-set Meal Plan.
Call to Register at (250) 357-0121

 Feel Good Christmas Treats


Ymir, BC, Sunday, November 4th, 2-4:30pm, $25 per person

This is a hands-on, in the kitchen workshop with 5 live recipe demos and tastings! We will move through the recipes together, while discussing the use of beneficial ingredients versus health depleting ones. I will give you some tips on how you can change the ingredients list to suit your tastebuds or accomodate food allergies. The recipes are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free, and are designed so that you can take them home and replicate them easily, providing healthy goodies for your family and friends throughout the holidays. Bring an appetite, a pen, and some sweet treat enthusiasm!! RSVP by private message to keep your spot as there are only 12 spots available. This is going to be SO FUN!!

Feeding Healthy Kids

young girl with basket veg

SVYCC Multi-Purpose Room, Salmo, BC

Saturday November 5th, 2016 9:30-11:00am, $25 per person

Having trouble getting your kids to eat all the right stuff?  Struggling with fussy eaters? Designed for parents who are looking to optimize the health of their children and get inspired in the kitchen, this workshop will get you motivated to revamp your kids’ diet and habits around food.  Receive some tools to create nutrient dense meals and snacks aimed to keep kids energized, focused, and maintain balanced mood.  We will cover the basics of an ideal diet for growing kids, how to maintain stable blood sugars, encourage macronutrient balance, and practice good habits and behaviors around food. You will receive recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, a 3-day family meal plan, and tasty samplings for inspiration.

Call to Register at (250) 357-0121

Simplicity Spring Cleaning for Health & Soul

green smoothie

SVYCC Multi-Purpose Room, Salmo, BC

Sunday May 8th, 2016 5pm – 6:30pm, $15 + tax per person

This workshop will equip you with some simple tools for cleaning up your diet, energizing your life, and switching up your lifestyle habits for a happier, healthier Spring.  We will focus on small changes that can be applied to your life right away and on longer term goals for the spring and summer months.  Receive some much-needed inspiration for grocery shopping, cleaning out your cupboards, and lightening up your dietary load.  You will go home armed with a shopping list and a few scrumptious recipes to get you started.  The workshop will include a real-time recipe creation and delicious samplings.

Body Lovin’ Sweet Treats

Brownies with mint

Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at the Tiny Lights Festival in Ymir, BC

This 1-hour workshop will teach you how to make enticing & health-thriving treats and desserts that are packed with body-loving goodness for you and your family. We will cover the basics of how to swap out refined ingredients for better quality, health-supportive options. I will show you how to maneuver your way through a recipe, magically switching out the junk and swapping in some super-powered goodness. We will talk about the importance of balance and moderation when it comes to “treats”, how to confidently change your relationship with these foods, when are the best times for consumption, and how to incorporate goodies into your diet as nourishment. Prepare to fill your boots with wholesome sweetness and dance into your kitchen, armed and ready for action!

For more information on the festival go to:

Intro to Mind-Body Nutrition & Emotional Eating

french fries

Will run again soon! Time TBA.

This 1.5hr workshop will open the discussion of the Mind-Body connection; it’s role in nutrition, and our relationship with emotional eating. We will talk about cravings, cultural influence, emotional attachments, and programmed habits. We will look at understanding compulsions, seeing them in a new light, and discuss some tools for progression. You will be sent home with some easy, and exploratory, practices, suggestive journaling exercises, as well as some scrumptious recipes.

If you are interested in a workshop, please leave a comment below or drop me a note!

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