Retraining Your Metabolism

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SVYCC Kitchen & Lounge, Salmo, BC


May 27th, 2017 9:30-11:00am, $25 per person

You have the power to change your metabolism! Learn how in this information packed 1.5hr real food workshop. You will learn some simple tools to help re-wire how the body processes the food you eat and how to noticeably change metabolic processes through particular food choices and lifestyle changes.  Topics covered include: balancing blood sugar, common misconceptions, increasing digestion, and strengthening immunity.  We will discuss metabolism boosters and drainers, habitual improvements, and foods specific for optimizing metabolism.  Get inspired to make lasting changes designed to increase energy, improve mood and hormone balance, and leave you feeling really good!  Workshop includes handouts, a live recipe demo, several tastings, recipes, and a 3-day Metabolism Re-set Meal Plan.
Call to Register at (250) 357-0121
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