Intro To Fermentation – June 11th

Fermented veg in jars

Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir, BC

June 11th, 10am at “The Church”

Hearing a lot about fermentation lately?  Looking to bring some fermented goodness into your kitchen? This is a workshop for you! A win-win situation, the health benefits of cultured foods extend far past the joys of dancing tastebuds. We will discuss how fermentation works, why these foods contribute so highly to a healthy digestive system and immunity, and how to incorporate them easily into your regular diet. You will get to enjoy a variety of fermented foods and drinks, and watch live, hands-on methods you will be able to re-create and experiment with at home.

Free with Festival Admission

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  1. Leanna C Andrews June 12, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks Cindy! Loved the Fermentation Workshop. You have inspired me to give Kombucha another try!

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