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Love Thy Liver

Lemon water

It’s officially Spring! A time for growth, rejuvenation, new beginnings, renewal, inspiration, and cleansing; it is a time we empty out the junk, clean out the back of the cupboards, sweep the cobwebs, and prepare the garden. It is also an excellent time to clean up the body, reduce toxic load, drop a few bad […]

Nurturing Sick Kids & Getting Them Back To School Quickly

sick kid

We had a healthy holiday season in our house this time around, which is not always the case, so we’ve been feeling pretty great about that. However, two weeks into school (go figure), my son comes home with a nasty cold, cough, and general-feeling-rotten-all-over bug. When I call the school to let them know he’s […]

Replacing New Year’s Resolutions With Real Goals

Woman standing in field

Over the years, it has become quite clear to me that the hype around becoming a better person, once we roll into the New Year, is a complete fallacy. It’s some unrealistic expectation that we put on ourselves to express that we weren’t good enough last year, so we’ll have to be better this year. […]

Feeling Stuck On Breakfast Inspiration?


Breakfast can be a tough one for many bleary-eyed, sleepy headed, non-morning people. Often half awake, fumbling to exit dreamland, the morning strugglers feel assaulted by the all-consuming morning routine.  Between waking up the littles, rushing to find clothing, pack lunches, wash, brush, and warm up the car, putting effort into a balanced and delicious […]

What To Do When Your Kid Can’t Poop


Pooping trouble is something I hear of often. Constipated little bellies can be upsetting, uncomfortable, and make the little people particularly bad tempered and irritable. Understandable. Some kids struggle with constipation regularly.  Others have trouble when travelling, when things are changing in the home or at school, and when on antibiotics or other medications. It […]