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It’s simple: I want to help you reunite with food in a way that makes you feel great, inspires better health, and nurtures your soul.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, an Eating Psychology Counsellor and a graduate of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program. I am a wife and mother, an avid cook, a cancer survivor, a distance runner, and a bit of a country bumkin. As a teen, I struggled severely with disordered eating and have spent many years recovering. A cancer diagnosis further spurred a deep desire for long-term wellness.

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As a RHN, my approach to health intertwines what I know and love about nutrition with eating psychology, body image healing, and culinary passion.

Teaching about nutrition is simply not enough: true nourishment is both highly individualized and all encompassing in mind, body, and spirit. In order to be heard and healed in a way that is sustainable long-term, we must consider the person, and all aspects of their life, as a whole.

My goal is to help you navigate your OWN path to thriving health, whatever that may look like for YOU.

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