My approach to nutrition is absolutely individualized.

Every person, body, soul, and life’s journey is different. Humans are biologically, physically, and emotionally distinct and these diversities need to be recognized and nurtured. My counselling is committed to the whole being.

Endless enthusiasm and experimentation in the kitchen allows me to bring you inspiration and simple, but scrumptiously tasty recipes, without any fillers and refined sugars.

I offer workshops and real-time cooking classes to help people make health transitions and expand their knowledge and comfort with food and in the kitchen. The workshops are designed to engage your inner chef and get your taste buds dancing

As a Coach, I combine my nutritional knowledge with body image and emotional healing, and become my clients’ eating and cooking muse. I am dedicated to helping clients know what’s in the food they eat, feel good about what they eat, and feel good about eating.

You can read my own journey with food and health here.

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